Guest WiFi : Guest Experience.

Laminated cards, notes, or typing in the guest password 10 times, is a thing of the past.

YachtPorter will instantly connect your Guests to the Guest WiFi Network, with a simple tap or scan.

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Choose between two set up modes:

Local Management

  • WiFi Password is stored and updated locally on the device
  • Instant connection to Guest network when tapping/scanning
  • No need for guest mobile data access

Enterprise Management

  • Requires 10 seconds of mobile data access on guest phone
  • WiFi Password Updated across all devices from Admin Portal
  • Splash Screen branding to match your Vessel.
  • ONLY available on Porter Hospitality

Beautifully designed

Crafted in both maple and walnut finishes to complement your guest area. Our Walnut mini also includes a brushed stainless steel.

Contactless sharing

Share your Wi-Fi in a paperless and hygienic manner.

maple porter walnut porter

Flexible mounting

Built with flexibility for wall mounting or freestanding placement. Note: We do not supply wall mounts for the Porter Mini.

Easy set up

Compatible with both iOS and Android, both devices are easily set-up in minutes via a mobile app.

Choose between the Hospitality or Mini porters

Porter Hospitality Porter Mini

One to a Hundred

Most of our clients mount a YachtPorter in each guest cabin, and the main guest spaces such as the saloons or guest entry points.

Whether you choose to use just one, or one hundred – our YachtPorters discreetly fit-in with nearly all décor, and add another level of elegance and ease to the guest experience.

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Nothing else on the market says Superyacht, like our stylish, simple and elegant YachtPorter!

Currently available in two gorgeous wooden finishes, with multiple mounting configurations that can be temporarily or permanently mounted just about anywhere you require.

No power required, no touching required, and easy to wipe clean.

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